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I think Replica Bvlgari Bags has done very well in the last couple of years, how many collections and themes have they released so far. We’ve seen the Rockstud Rouge, the Rockstud Noir and the latest Camouflage Collection. And here’s the best thing ever – for the Fall 2014 Collection, Bvlgari is combining them all together in a single release.

Replica Bvlgari Bags

Valentino red is really hot red, it’s a no-holding-back attraction-magnet. Wear it and ‘all eyes will be on you’. And the red is not the kind-of annoying red, but you can feel the passion, cool and a bit of sex appeal.

Noir for the quiet night, for the fashionista who loves neutral styles and dislike too much attraction. They want a relaxing shopping day without guys hitting on them, continuously.

The Fall Camouflage Bag Collection is even more extreme than the previous Collection. Bvlgari removed the ‘green’ colors and painted them all in deep red, it’s like the Absolute Rouge meets Camouflage.

I say it and I will say it again; studs are still Valentino’s most powerful weapon, they are just awesome. Available at Bvlgari e-store or at your boutique.

Which one would you prefer? Prada Replica Handbags, Rockstud Noir or the Camouflage Collection? Let us know, let us know.